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            OEM&ODM Partner

            Fast delivery
            Siase industrial park is more than 40000 square meters, 
            which has more than 10 major factories with high manufacturing and processing ability, 
            monthly output of switches is 3,000,000 pieces and sockets 10,000,000 pieces
            Cost advantage
            Under the support of full automation production line and high vertical integration of production resources, 
            large-scale production and scientific management, our production cost is very less effective

            Research & Development
            Our executives and R&D engineers have more than 20 years' experiences in electrical industry, 
            to make sure what we made is what you need and what you paid for. 
            We keep developing new products for customers all over the world so our customers can have the advantages to lead the market.  

            OEM SUPPORT
            We provide professionally tailored R&D support, product development, package, and cost support to all our prestigious OEM Key Accounts.
              Our OEM and ODM support is driven by our strong R &D abilities, superior engineering capabilities and state-of art production strength.

            Safety Stock for Customers
            Though under Lean Management, Siase can still provide some safety stock of components for our customers for the limited SKUs,
            so as to save the precious lead time of our buyers.

            Practical premium terminal store type

            • 實用優品終端店型1
            • 實用優品終端店型2
            • 實用優品終端店型3

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            Join the consultation hotline:+86 186 7007 6563(Rocco Chow)


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